The human being represents emotions in transit, using technology, telling stories that mutate daily, the only consistency is change

THE BEGINNING … At 8 years old he began to realize who he was, what he wanted, where to go and how to get there. Looking for answers, he found love in everything at 13 years old. 17 years old and being totally self-taught, he made his first short films.

FUSION … When he was 22 years old, he combined his artistic view with a commercial one. From then on, navigates between the world of production and the arts. Creates and produces one of the biggest art fairs in its three editions: Asunción habita, Asunción Convulsiona y Asunción Despierta. Designs advertisement campaigns for several organizations and multinational brands. After making more than 12 short films, he decided to try his career in the US for a second time at the American Film Institute. Later, he launched his production Company Sette S.A. through which he developed different financial and literary projects and his first feature film.

FOR 15 YEARS … He wrote more tan 30 scripts, among them “G0D”, a Science Fiction novel.

I stop and instruct myself (not all of us have the same common middle ground to show things permanently)

Today I decided to SHOW my everything and that of my allies.

And during those same 15 years he made a daily archive of his life. Those loose and apparently disconnected videos are today part of a Project called AMO. AMO is Darío Cardona, it´s his eyes and a dialogue with an exploration with his inner self. AMO is a documentary in constant construction.


“I believe in looking and observing, understanding the eyes of the other from my own and with the other.

I believe in being in tune and in synchrony.

I believe in technology and in switching off.

I believe in nature.”

During the last 5 years, he developed the Project JOY alongside different collaborators. JOY is a new language which pretends to join technology in service of thoughts and emotions in a different way. It´s a real fusion of algorithms and pulsations.

TODAY … He´s developing AMO mixing stories with artistically intervened objects. The Project will give back to the ones who intervened the objects. A social awareness seal is being gestated.

“I´m a story that thought it was about love.
I`m a person who thought he was looking for love and found life.
This is documentary journey in eternal construction.
Amodo de ser”.